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Nonprofit Authorization—Application


An application on Form 3624, Application to Mail at Nonprofit Standard Mail Rates, must be filed by an organization prior to being authorized to mail at Nonprofit Standard Mail prices. The applicant must indicate on Form 3624 the qualifying category of organization under which it seeks authorization.


No fee is charged for filing Form 3624.

Permits and Authorizations

Authorization to mail at Nonprofit Standard Mail prices does not relieve the mailer's obligation to obtain mailing permits and pay the required fees for mailing at presorted prices.

Qualified Nonprofit Organizations

Form 3624 must be accompanied by evidence that the applicant meets the standards of a qualifying category in Qualified Nonprofit Organizations and that the organization is nonprofit (e.g., a certificate of exemption from federal income tax). An exemption from the payment of federal income tax is not required to qualify for the Nonprofit Standard Mail prices. Such exemption is considered as evidence of qualification for preferred postal prices, but is not the controlling factor in the decision. When an organization submits proof that it is granted federal income tax exemption under 26 USC 501(c)(3), as a religious, educational, scientific, or philanthropic (charitable) organization; under 501(c)(5) as an agricultural or labor organization; under 501(c)(8) as a fraternal organization; or under 501(c)(19) as a veterans' organization, it is considered as qualifying for the Nonprofit Standard Mail prices, unless other evidence discloses some disqualification.

Political Committees

Form 3624 filed by an organization seeking authorization as a qualified political committee must include evidence that the applicant meets the standards of one of the qualifying categories of political committees in ; evidence of nonprofit status is not required.

Nonprofit Standard Mail Authorization Number

Once an organization is authorized, it may mail at Nonprofit Standard Mail prices at any Post Office location that accepts presorted mailings within the United States. The Postal Service will issue a national Nonprofit Standard Mail authorization number to each organization authorized to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail prices. Authorized organizations must display this number in the appropriate space on each postage statement that accompanies a mailing at Nonprofit Standard Mail Prices.
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