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Direct Mail Campaign Budget

One of the biggest factors in planning a direct mail campaign is how much you decide to spend. Set a budget while you plan the campaign to stay on track and deliver your message cost-effectively.

Keep the following costs in mind when budgeting for your campaign...

  • Renting a mailing list
  • Hiring a writer, graphic designer, or both
  • Printing: compare quotes from different printers
  • Alterations, retouching, and proofs of your piece
  • Quality control check
  • Postage costs

Find other ways to save...

  • Use an efficient size and mailing format
  • Remove undeliverable addresses from your list
  • Use efficient address formats
  • Form a tracking strategy to increase effectiveness

Whether you've never used direct mail or you're looking to optimize your current direct mail strategy, we can help with some tips on budgeting and planning, finding your target audience, designing your mailpiece, and working with a printer. Contact us today!

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