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How To Find Your Target Audience

Who is most likely to be interested in your product or service? Chances are, they’re a lot like your current customers. Use their characteristics as a model for a mailing list.

Start with your customer base.

  • Conduct a simple survey to learn about customers’ tastes.
  • Pay attention to characteristics such as age and income.
  • Look at your records—sales slips, invoices, delivery information. These tell you who your customers are, what they buy, how often they shop, and how much they spend.

Target effectively.

Save money and reduce environmental impact by pursuing your best prospects—why spend money on people not likely to buy? You can carefully determine the characteristics of your audience, tailor your message to match their needs and interests, and increase the chances that they’ll act on your offer. A mailing list provider can help you find your target audience and supply you with mailing lists that meet your needs.

Keep track of your customers.

An effective mailing list is more than names and addresses—you can use it as a record of each person’s buying behaviors. Depending on the size of your list, you can keep track of their activity in a spreadsheet or use a contact management program to organize your customer database.
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