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Reply Mail

Increase customer response rates with Reply Mail.

Reply Mail encourages customers to reply to your offer, because you pay the postage on the returned mailpiece for most types of Reply Mail. All your customers have to do is drop it in the mail. Using Reply Mail lets you:
  • Deliver postage-paid envelopes and postcards to your customers (Business Reply Mail® and Qualified Business Reply Mail™.
  • Pay only for returned mailpieces (Business Reply Mail and Qualified Business Reply Mail).
  • Realize greater cost-savings with a higher volume of returned mailpieces and automation-compatible barcodes (High Volume Business Reply Mail and Qualified Business Reply Mail).
  • Facilitate customer replies by providing pre-addressed envelopes and postcards; customer pays postage (Courtesy Reply Mail™).

Learn what it costs to create and distribute your mailpiece for Reply Mail.
Review the procedures and guidelines for sending Reply Mail.
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Reply Mail Options

Register for a permit, send preprinted mailpieces to your customers, and pay only for the mailpieces returned to you. Postage discounts apply for high volume BRM™ mailings.

Register for a permit, and qualify for additional discounts if you anticipate receiving 834 responses per year or more and use automation-compatible barcodes in your mailpieces. Postage discounts apply for high volume QBRM™ mailings.

Pay only for the cost of envelopes or postcard materials; your customers pay postage. No permit is required for CRM™.

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