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Successful Direct Mailing

The logical way to get new business by Direct Mail requires a very fundamental clarity in your marketing campaign. It is used by small to large businesses day in and day out. Remember when your neighborhood mechanic sent you a welcome-cum-introductory offer as soon as you moved in your new home. You felt welcome and kept that card for future reference! Believe it or not, it is very simple to reach your target audience. If he/she could do it; so can you.
Your clarity about your business will help you use the mail to win new customers and keep the existing ones. Here are a few simple steps that you can follow:

Devise an offer: The most important aspect of a successful direct mailing campaign is providing your target with a reason for doing business with you. Discounts and sales are among the most common offers because they steer business your way immediately that might otherwise go to your competitors. A great example is Pre-sale discount for customers on your mailing list. This is a very effective tool to retain your existing customers. If your business thrives on repeat customers, a well-timed reminder is as much customer service as it is a traffic builder. A dentist, for instance, can remind his/her patients that he/she is due for a teeth-cleaning. Professionals seeking new customers can offer anything from a free consultation to a get-acquainted cup of coffee. Anything that might get the attention and interest of a prospect can do the trick.

Generate a Mailing List: There are several ways to generate a mailing list for your target customers. This can be done at your existing business location, or by cooperating with other businesses that you compliment, or by buying a mailing list. You can provide a great value to you existing customers to provide you their mailing information such as sending them presale information, etc. This can be done by keeping a simple notebook on your check-out counter inviting your customers to Join you mailing list or giving them a chance to win in a drawing, etc. If you a new in the business, you might also consider renting a mailing list (this is also called buying the mailing list). Professional list brokers like Roadrunner Mailing Service can help you identify the characteristics of people who are most likely to become customers, and provide mailing lists of people who fit profile of your target.

Create and mail the offer: Once you have devised the offer and you have the mailing list ready, it I time for the show!!! You can hire a professional to create the mailing or you can create yourself with a personal computer and templates that come with many word-processing programs. There may be local freelance artists and writers who have the experience you need. Ask a printer or colleague for referrals. The mailings themselves can be very easy to produce and manage. If your mailing list is bigger than 200 names, you may get discounted postage. Roadrunner Mailing Service can help you process your mail and also in Variable Data Printing to personalize your mail piece, i.e. personalized letters, postcards, brochures, and catalogs, etc.

Check for results: The response to a Direct Mail is always measurable. You know right away if it works because people come in or call right away. You can either count the coupons that come in or you can measure the value of the business and pertaining profit generated for a specific direct mail. The fact is, you can calculate the profitability of every mailing you send out. Then adjust your program for the next step.

Repeat: A successful mail program is just that, a program. To be successful, you need to mail consistently and frequently. If you have a good list and good offers, and mail consistently, you can build your business through the mail. Regular mail will generate brand recognition as well as work as a connection between you and your customers.

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