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ZIP Code Accuracy Standards

Basic Standards

Except for mail bearing a simplified address, addresses used on pieces in a mailing at commercial First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service presorted parcel, Standard Mail, and Bound Printed Matter presorted and carrier route prices are subject to the ZIP Code accuracy standard and must meet these requirements:
  1. must be verified and corrected within 12 months before the mailing date with one of the USPS-approved methods in .
  2. verified and corrected with an approved method, the same address may be used during the following 12 months to meet the ZIP Code accuracy standard required for mailing at any other class of mail and price.

USPS-Approved Methods

The following methods meet the ZIP Code accuracy standard:
  1. For computerized lists, Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)-certified address matching software and current USPS City State Product, within a mailer's computer systems or through an authorized service provider.
  2. For manually maintained lists or small computerized lists, options include the following:
    1. Surveys of addressees on mailer's address list inquiring about the accuracy of ZIP Code information.
    2. Any mailing list service in .
    3. An authorized service provider.
    4. CASS-certified matching software.
    5. USPS Web site

Mailer Certification

The mailer's signature on the postage statement certifies that the ZIP Code accuracy standard has been met for each address in the corresponding mailing presented to the USPS.
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